5 DAYS and 5 WAYS to APPLY the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE in YOUR DAILY LIFE - Wednesday / by Ariel Carson



In order to speak easily and well, our jaw, tongue, throat, diaphragm, and lungs must be free to operate without constriction or tightness. And since the jaw, throat and tongue are all part of the head and neck, and the diaphragm and lungs are in the torso, guess what has to be open and free for optimal functioning? You got it – your neck and your torso/back. Once you’ve let go of any extra tension in your neck and back, your head can balance freely on top of your spine. Let your jaw be unclenched and easy. Let your tongue be soft, especially at its root in the back of your mouth. Your throat is open and spacious. And your whole torso is widening, lengthening, and expanding 360 degrees, so that your lungs and diaphragm are unrestricted. This allows your breath to occur completely and organically. If your voice sounds clearer and fuller, and you can more easily project if you wish, keep up the good work.