5 DAYS and 5 WAYS to APPLY the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE to YOUR DAILY LIFE - Thursday / by Ariel Carson



Whether you’re in a heated conversation with your boss or friend, dealing with a cranky toddler, trying to make a work deadline, or any other of the dozens of situations we get stressed about on a daily basis, remember what you learned in kindergarten: Stop and Count to 10 (or higher if you’re really amped up!) This gives you time to change your reaction. Let your vision widen so you’re letting in as much of the space around you as possible through your eyes. Remember the contact your feet are making with the ground, and notice where your muscles have ratcheted up with tension in response to the stressful trigger. Ask the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and back to turn down the volume. Allow yourself to breathe. Imagine lightening up through your neck, back, hips, knees, and ankle joints. Proceed with renewed calm : )