Using interoception and proprioception as core elements of trauma therapy

The preparatory set: a novel approach to understanding stress, trauma, and the bodymind therapies

Somatic Experiencing for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Outcome Study

Somatic Experiencing® Informed Therapeutic Group for the Care and Treatment of Biopsychosocial Effects upon a Gender Diverse Identity

Effect of Somatic Experiencing Resiliency-Based Trauma Treatment Training on Quality of Life and Psychological Health as Potential Markers of Resilience in Treating Professionals

Toddler trauma: Somatic Experiencing®, attachment and the neurophysiology of dyadic completion

British Medical Journal study on back pain

Alexander Technique helping people with Parkinson’s

Enhanced respiratory muscular function using Alexander Technique

Increased dynamic regulation of postural tone through Alexander Technique training.

Pain Management and the Alexander Technique

Neuromechanical interference of posture on movement: evidence from Alexander technique teachers rising from a chair

Prevention of occupational risks using Alexander Technique

Prolonged weight-shift and altered spinal coordination during sit-to-stand in practitioners of the Alexander Technique


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