“Ariel put me at ease with her incredibly good nature and non-judgemental demeanor. I highly value my work with Ariel, and I recommend it to anyone with backaches, high stress, insomnia, and chronic headaches. It certainly helped me with these same symptoms.” – J.L., global marketing execution specialist

“I am a competitive fencer and a five time member of the US National team.  Even despite being a[n] athlete who trains 6 days a week and having spent years working on my core strength, I have the posture of a tired 3 year old – shoulders schlumped, belly pooched out.  But when I finish a session with Ariel, I feel effortlessly erect, straight without effort. Just allowing my body to find its proper, dignified posture without using rigid muscles to hold it there. Ariel has skilled and aware hands that guide and respond to me. ”  -L.C., research social scientist

“I’m not a squishy guy. I don’t do yoga. I don’t like spas. And I can’t imagine paying anyone for a massage. But there’s something about Alexander Technique that makes sense to me. The sessions are so simple. I feel better every time.” – J.S., artist

"Working with Ariel has helped me become more aware of my habitual tension both when playing my instrument and just generally.  I really appreciate how much responsibility she gives you as a student to connect with your own sensations and work at it on your own.  It's empowering without being overwhelming." -L.W., musician

"I am a yoga teacher and student of the body for 15 years and I have to say there is nothing quite like Alexander technique. It informs my practice making it more meditative and easeful, all what we're trying to accomplish in yoga! Ariel's touch, patience and willingness to answer questions is such revelation. There was an immediate feeling of trust and safety as well. I feel my little aches and pains in my knees and back dissipate every time I leave a session with her. I stand on the subway and feel buoyant and joyful now! If you are interested in understanding how to move your body while having more freedom, lightness and happiness then work with Ariel." -H.L., yoga teacher

“I hadn’t expected [the lessons] to make such a significant difference in my awareness of my body, and I know that [Ariel's] authoritative, cool hands and subtle suggestions made that difference.” – M.G., librettist

“I pinched a nerve in my neck and was suffering from sharp, terrible pain in my left shoulder. I tried lots of different things, including massage and more yoga, and I kept thinking eventually it would go away.  The pain lingered, and it wasn’t until many months later that I started working with Ariel.  After my first session, the pain was finally gone!  Seriously.  Not only that, I’ve been able to learn how to release a lot of the normal tension from everyday life.  I’ve had so many “Aha moments” with Ariel, and I can genuinely say AT has changed my life.  I feel SO much better!” – H.H., lawyer

 “Initially I was studying [the Alexander Technique] as a way to cope with back pain I was dealing with as a result of being in the military. I continue to study because after lessons I'm more aware of how I perform daily activities and how to perform them more fluidly. The Alexander Technique teaches me how to hold myself without holding myself, how to be in alignment, aware of the space all around my body, as well as aware of what my body is doing, and how to ask my body to do a little less. I have a habit of holding myself rigidly, a byproduct of city living and military teaching. After each lesson I'm left with a new sensation of lightness and space. It makes everything easier to do.

Ariel is very approachable, open and knowledgeable. [She] takes the time to work with me to understand what we are doing so that I can carry the lesson with me into the rest of my day/life. That's really one of the best things I can say:  'She takes the time' and encourages me to take the time, both in our lessons and in my daily life...It's incredible to have someone encouraging this sort of thinking in today’s world … I'm so grateful to be one of Ariel's students." --A.S., veteran of the Afghanistan war

When my newborn son stopped breathing the day after he was born, he spent three and a half weeks in the NICU. Needless to say, this was one of the most stressful and traumatic months of my life.  When he came home, there was a new level of stress.  Not only were we adjusting to the shock of having a baby, but we were also fighting fears of him dying in the middle of the night.  I remember trying to stop the mental movies playing of me rushing his lifeless body down the stairs.  It was rough. 

I saw Ariel about five days after we brought him home from the hospital.  I can honestly say that I didn’t have much hope that her services would help.  I thought that the problem was all in my mind and emotions, and had very little to do with my body. But as she gently “unwound” my nervous system, I started to breathe a little deeper.  I remember it just feeling good.  At a certain point a switch flipped and I was able to feel peace again.  I knew it was going to be okay.  What a relief! 

I believe that my system was so traumatized from the event that I couldn’t access that peaceful place.  But as Ariel enabled my physical body to unwind, so did my mind and emotions.  It was a very powerful turning point for me in recovering from trauma.  I would recommend Ariel to anyone who is struggling to work through PTSD or any kind of trauma.  She is gentle and kind and can help come up behind your defenses much like she did for me.  --N.S., minister and mother

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